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What We Do

Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative.

Our service is very unique and we are the only Non for Profit of our kind in the world at the moment.

We specialize in assisting Motorcycle Riders and their Families after being involved in an accident and our service is FREE.

" Riders Helping Riders beyond Medicine "

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MARI is an initiative Called Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative 

Where We Are

Head office is situated on the Central Coast NSW  between Sydney and Newcastle.


Examples of questions people ask 

Meet The Team

  • George & Charis Schwarz who documented their adventure on their BMW Motorcycle called DU with a book "Highlights of the Road"

  • Professor Steven Faux, the Director at the rehabilitation unit, pain management specialist at St Vincent's, and one of the driving forces of M.A.R.I

  • Timothy Small, Orthopedic Surgeon at St Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst

How We Help Motorcyclists

At St Vincent's Hospital the staff have been driven by Associate /Professor Dr Steven Faux – Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr Faux has spent many years gathering and checking information about Motorcycle accident victims. This enables him to put together a quick response towards a rider or passengers speedy recovery.
This recovery starts in the Hospital wards and continues at their home supervised by a M.A.R.I Team member. A Dr Wings Bike Force Volunteer is what we call our group of volunteers, who will keep in contact with a patient until he or she has no further need for their assistance.

  • The driving forces behind the team are Glenda & Ken Lovegrove. M.A.R.I Australia Inc founders. It became a registered non-profit on 27th October 2014. Since then we have taken it to Australia. Their involvement started more than 10 years ago.
  • They are very passionate about helping riders and getting as many volunteers and hospitals involved with the MARI initiative as possible, so we can cover a larger amount of Australia.
  • This has been by way of physical as well as mental health areas and special added assistance outside the hospital too.
  • Since 2013, the M.A.R.I Initiative has been presented to other hospitals throughout Australia.
    We have held presentations to discuss how we may assist Hospitals from Townsville to Melbourne and as far west as Alice Springs in the NT.
  • Perth in WA to have been spoken with at Royal Perth and Fiona Stanley Hospitals.
    On our way to Alice Springs in the NT we called in at Coober Pedy in Outback SA.
  • The NSW and Queensland regional area Hospitals have been very keen to get us involved in their local government areas as well. to contact even more hospitals and medical centre's to make them aware of our FREE service to all.

What They Say

From Rikki Timmins on her Husband Ron.

These are the words I say to my hubby Steve every time he gets on his bike to go for a ride. Always, he says. I say, it’s not you I’m worried about, it’s the idiots that are on the road nowadays.

We see it on the television every day, a motorcyclist has been injured and worse in accidents….”I didn’t see you” they say.

Then you get the gut feeling that something’s not right and then you get the phone call. That’s the worst thing.                                                Read more