Examples of questions people ask after we receive their questionnaire back about the accident and the circumstances.

Question one:

Not sure how I stand regarding who was at fault. Can you give me some FREE legal advice? As I have not spoken with a Police Officer yet.

Answer: (M.A.R.I does)

What we can do on your behalf, and with your permission is to contact the Police Station that attended the accident and talk with the officer that came to the crash scene to find out the accident details and obtain the Police Incident number.

Question two:

I have no idea where my Motorcycle/Car has been taken. Do you know where it is?


We will talk on your behalf and with your permission with the officer that attended the accident.

Question three:

Does it cost for my vehicle to be towed and stored while I’am in hospital?


The average cost can be anywhere between $35.00 and $59.00 a day while they hold your vehicle, plus the towing charge. This is one bill you can do without.

Question four:

Can you help by collecting my valuables from my vehicle where it is being stored?


Yes, we can collect personal belongings, pack them in cardboard boxes and send them to the home address.

Question five:

Could you organise for my vehicle to be picked up from the Police holding yard and taken to my home address?


We negotiate with at least two towing companies on the owner’s behalf  to achieve this.

Question six:

As I am right handed and I have permanent damage to my right shoulder.

Can you organise assistance for me in my home?


We organise for community health to do minor house cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and a load of washing etc.

Question seven:

Do you have any suggestions towards getting a patient from our hospital to the border?

Their green slip will cover an ambulance to get them the rest of the way.


We contact our network to see if an Ambulance transport is possible to hook up with going back home and can take the patient with them to get them to the border.

EG: From Tamworth NSW to Melbourne in Victoria

& Kyogle NSW to McKay in North Queensland.

Question eight:

Do you have access to a Late Model Loan vehicle to enable me to get to hospital appointments, and school for the kids, as well as shopping for the wife, until the insurance is settled?


Yes we can, if you were not at fault, and the other driver was insured. We have access to a range of vehicles all at no charge FREE to you.

Question nine:

Can you organise some FREE reading materials other than Women’s day?


Yes we can. Up to date new overprints donated by the magazine publishers. We may have stock of magazines already within your hospital (if they have not run out).

Question 10:

Is it possible for someone to visit me in the hospital?


Yes we can visit you when permitted and it is Covid safe to do so.

All the services we offer are subject to conditions,

  • Our availability
  • Covid restrictions

These services are requested by the patient, or family, OR, a hospital staff member.